On April 5 – 7, 2018, the Provincetown Film Society is pleased to host the 2nd Annual Women’s Media Summit featuring some of the top scholars and change makers for gender equity in U.S. entertainment media in the country. Participants are invited to engage in the relevant issues of the day and participate in meaningful and actionable strategies for success. 

The Women’s Media Summit includes movie-makers, academics, lawmakers, business professionals and supporters to build strategies that end gender inequity in American film and television. The Summit documents gender disparities in media. Although 50% of film school graduates are women only 7% of the 250 top-grossing American films in 2016 were directed by women. Few women hold power positions in film or television; women protagonists are under-represented; and female characters seen in Hollywood films are often stereotyped. In pursuit of gender equality, in 2017 the Summit identified seven ways to end discrimination, and the Women’s Media Action Coalition (WeMAC) was created to implement action plans. The 2018 Summit will focus on these action plans created last year to fight employment discrimination in Hollywood.

Following the Summit, on April 7 & 8, 2018, Provincetown Film Society will present the inaugural Film Financing Forum, a comprehensive two-day program where industry leaders will address investment, and financing strategies from the traditional (equity, bank, tax credits, sales) to the unconventional (crowdfunding, cryptocurrency). 

The Film Financing Forum is a conference and networking opportunity for writers, directors, producers, and investors who are interested in getting their projects financed. Learn from financiers, lending and sales companies, entertainment attorneys and producers about the nuts and bolts of financing a project from script to screen. In addition to networking opportunities, projects that meet the eligibility criteria will have the opportunity to participate in pitch sessions. During the conference we will also address funding strategies and opportunities that promote diversity and inclusion in storytelling.

Our Film Financing Forum is unique. We know film funding is not just about pitching or selling your idea–it’s about relationships. In an intimate gathering, away from the hustle and bustle of LA and NYC, Provincetown Film Financing Forum brings industry green lighters and financiers and producers who want to know about diverse filmmakers’ projects. Round-table sign-ups allow participants to choose specific green lighters and financiers, but our intimate spaces will provide many opportunities to connect throughout the Forum.

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We look forward to seeing you this spring in Cape Cod!

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